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Sepy Dobronyi’s Infamous Mansion – In Coconut Grove - Coconut Grove

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For Sale $1,750,000 - Residential

Believe it or not, some scenes in the seminal 1972 porn film “Deep Throat” were filmed in a Coconut Grove house in a neighborhood called — wait for it — Ye Little Wood.

But there’s nothing small or insignificant about the exquisitely-designed house at 3980 Wood Avenue, which is now on the market for $1.75 million. It’s the former home of Miami personality Baron Joseph “Sepy” De Bicske Dobronyi, who passed away in May 2010.

Considered Miami’s Hugh Hefner, the Hungarian playboy entertained bigwigs like Frank Sinatra and Bridget Bardot in his Coconut Grove home.

“Deep Throat” star Linda Lovelace even returned to Ye Little Wood after filming for “a brief, but somewhat ecstatic encounter with Sepy in his bedroom” where she reportedly “extolled his physical properties,’’ according to the Miami Herald.

Dobronyi declined to confirm her claim, saying, “I just don’t like this low-class way of talking about sex.” But take that for what you will. After all, this is the man who had a Cadillac with a topless woman painted on the passenger-side door in his driveway.

In addition to his playboy lifestyle and famous friends, Dobronyi also made international headlines posthumously when his private collection of Queen Elizabeth II’s underwear was auctioned for sale. He reportedly got them from a friend when the Queen left her drawers on a private plane in 1968.

And Dobronyi’s home is as unique as expected for a man with such curious tastes.

Designed by Otto F. Seeler, professor of architecture at the University of Notre Dame in 1961,according to Coconut Grove Grapevine, it has an atrium-style living room with a swank 60s-stlye circular fireplace, a pool, and a free-standing cottage. The exterior has a MiMo-stle sweeping roof and walls of coral rock.

“This home was legendary in the 1970s for the part it played in Miami’s high life,” realtor Donna Zalter told Coconut Grove Grapevine. “This is a chance for someone to own that history and take possession of an exceptional piece of real estate in one of the city’s finest areas.”

source (Huffington Post)

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